Ted P Koszuta - Creative Consultant / Strategist

I have spent the last long while working selfishly and absorbently to create something different. Something that moves with time.

I began my career in digital making the infamous "Hello World" code change colors in QBasic - how far we have come.

I wont preamble on about "being an award-winning" anything - I am honored by the recognitions I have, but am looking forward, not back.

I have been lucky to innovate for some of the greatest brands in the world: Amazon, T-Mobile, Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Fiat, Jim Beam, John Deere, Target, General Mills, Hyatt Hotels, and Victoria’s Secret.

But I believe you pick a partner based on more than skills and experience.

You also chose based on their beliefs, on their passion and for having a point-of-view.

You pick someone that knows how to combine a brand vision with what people are actually doing - on your site, in their homes, wherever they are. And what's more, they'll tell a friend or two...

That’s the story I love to share with people.

When I am not in the office, I am a father of four wonderful children, a history buff and intend to tell stories any way I can 'till they nail shut my coffin.

Specialties: Conceptual thinking for any client or product across all mediums, traditional or non.
 Management of creative teams big and small.
Technologically sound user experience driven web experiences across all mediums.